Signing android release apk from the command line (via ant)

This post is probably out too late ,as almost all IDE’s these days (which support android development) ,probably have an Integrated release signing or debug signing utility/wizard built in, but if somebody is using an old IDE or perhaps want to integrate release in a CI(continues integration) environment , this tutorial might come in handy…. View Article

CSS Image effects

This is part of a series of posts breaking down visual effects using CSS filters and blend modes. Read Part 1: The Vintage Washout Effect, Part 2: 3d Glasses, Part 3: Vignettes, and Part 4: Bokeh Textures for some background on blend modes and filters. In this post we’ll explore a relatively new photography technique… View Article

Filter Blend

FilterBlend is a playground for the new CSS background-blend-mode and filter properties. Load your images and combine blending with filters to achieve some really unique effects!


Empower your website with a mobile menu that has the true native app menu experience with sliding submenus.

Using Web Fonts

The best way (in 2015) I recently researched font loading again as I wanted to use a local copy of a font and serve it as fast and smooth as possible. This is a quite different approach to when you use TypeKit or Google fonts and their simple copy/paste snippets… Over the past months there… View Article

Simple Icons

Wonderfull set of svg icons

Page Stack Navigation

This Blueprint is page navigation effect based on the Dribbble shot Stacked navigation by Ilya Kostin. The idea is to show a navigation when clicking on the menu button and transform all pages in 3D and move them to the bottom of the viewport. The next two pages are shown in the back of the… View Article

20+ Free Awesome Icon Fonts For Web Designers

Icon Fonts are all the rage in web design today. Using icon fonts you’re replacing raster images into vector ones. The fact that they are actually just fonts means you can easily customize their size without worrying about quality loss. Along with the size, you may change color, apply cool CSS3 font styles like text shadows without having redraw… View Article

The anatomy of responsive images

I just had my responsive images epiphany and I’m writing it all down before I forget everything. This is what I know… Fixed size, varying density If your image is a fixed size in pixels, but you want to cater for screens of different density, here’s the solution: This works in all modern browsers, and… View Article